Thursday, June 19, 2008

#4 frottage mini tutorial

Here is a close up of the Frottage Painting. When I did the rubbing on the icon, I positioned the rubber stamp so that I would get a halo effect and avoided rubbing wax onto her face. The piece of frottage that is glued to the upper right corner, has silver wax lines that stop at the white and blue shape. I continued the flow of the lines using white acrylic to unify. There are three gold spots that break up the large orange shape. Line and shape was used to keep the viewer inside the painting. Scroll down to post #1 to read the tutorial. Go to to see the finished painting.
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Bear said...

Hi ya again
you are making some beautiful frottages and thank you for the tutes to go with them. they are wonderful and the explanations make it easier to understand how and what to do to have a similar reslut- you are such a wonderful artists and so sharing bless you
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxxo