Wednesday, June 25, 2008

klimt challenge

Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite artist's. When Sharon Tomlinson suggested a challenge inspired by Klimt, I jumped at the chance. The approach to the 5x8 collage, is not the norm for me. (another challenge) I started with a scrap of an old watercolor painting, layered some transparent and opaque handcrafted papers, and proceeded to paint the face and hand with acrylics. Circles were cut from magazine pages and collaged in jig saw fashion along with two three dimentional doodle motifs. Handpainted textures finish the background. Visit Sharon's Blog to see her fun and wonderful artwork. You might even like to join the challenge.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

#4 frottage mini tutorial

Here is a close up of the Frottage Painting. When I did the rubbing on the icon, I positioned the rubber stamp so that I would get a halo effect and avoided rubbing wax onto her face. The piece of frottage that is glued to the upper right corner, has silver wax lines that stop at the white and blue shape. I continued the flow of the lines using white acrylic to unify. There are three gold spots that break up the large orange shape. Line and shape was used to keep the viewer inside the painting. Scroll down to post #1 to read the tutorial. Go to to see the finished painting.
If you have any questions or are interested in taking a workshop, please contact

#3 frottage mini tutorial

Rip and arrange your frottages (rubbings) into a pleasant composition paying attention to the elements of design. I teach using five elements, line, shape, color, value, and texture. Move the images around until they feel right to you, and glue them onto the substrate with a light application of good old Elmers glue. I have used this glue for years and have not had any yellowing of my papers. Note: The bottom section of the icon frottage was ripped off and part was used on the upper right and mid left side of the collage. Unify the shapes using colored pencils, acrylic paint, chalks, etc. On this painting I used white acrylic paint and added a touch of gold leaf. Detail on post #4.

#2 frottage mini tutorial

Choose the tactile surfaces to do your rubbings. I chose one of my art stamps, and a clear plastic texture sheet.
Look around you and experiment rubbing differant surfaces. I also chose a photo from an old newspaper and rubbed it on the large stamp with a block of silver and blue encaustic. You can see a piece of it on the lower left hand corner. You can use crayons, candles etc. If you are going to use your rubbings for collage, you will need a substrate. I cut an old watercolor collage that had been in incubation for years into small pieces. I collaged on a 9x6 piece. Gather your collage elements and go to the #3 post.

#1 frottage mini tutorial

Frottage: A rubbing technique where print images are obtained by placing paper over a tactile surface and rubbing it with wax, crayon, or pencil. The elements on this post are: a newsprint photo of an icon rubbed with silver and blue encaustic wax over the large stamp, white handcrafted parchment paper rubbed over a clear plastic texture sheet with blue encaustic wax, and a yellow and red handcrafted tissue paper, rubbed over the modern angel stamp and the circular shell stamp using encaustic wax. You may use any paper you like so long as it is not too thick...experiment. I love doing frottages over newsprint. Please overlook my stained stamps, they get a workout. Art Stamps by Cory and encaustic wax are available from

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the turquoise frog

Polyclay...haven't worked with this medium in a long time, so I chose it for the Mixed Media Monday challenge. All except the tiny beads is done with polyclay. The frog was made using a mold which I also made from polyclay. Great molds can be found here.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

future artists

Kayla and Skyler...remember those names, Kayla is going to be an artist (she already calls herself an artist) and Skyler will design video games. They are my great grandkids....they love to come to the studio and paint.