Thursday, June 19, 2008

#1 frottage mini tutorial

Frottage: A rubbing technique where print images are obtained by placing paper over a tactile surface and rubbing it with wax, crayon, or pencil. The elements on this post are: a newsprint photo of an icon rubbed with silver and blue encaustic wax over the large stamp, white handcrafted parchment paper rubbed over a clear plastic texture sheet with blue encaustic wax, and a yellow and red handcrafted tissue paper, rubbed over the modern angel stamp and the circular shell stamp using encaustic wax. You may use any paper you like so long as it is not too thick...experiment. I love doing frottages over newsprint. Please overlook my stained stamps, they get a workout. Art Stamps by Cory and encaustic wax are available from

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