Saturday, March 22, 2008

moxie movement

Moxie Movement is in full force...the students who attended the first session of Exploration Mixed Media in Fort Collins, Colorado got a taste of creating an original design, painting in mixed media, art stamping, watercolor basics, collage, and much more. Each student introduced personal images into their work and left with an original work of art. Upon their return in July for the second session, home assignments will be evaluated and new techniques and processes will be introduced. One process will be painted out doors, you may see a photo sample titled "Napa" on the homepage of my website,
and, we will paint bold watercolors with emphasise on texture. More photos and information can be found on as well as on this blog,
As an added bonus, I will hold an Evaluation Session the evening before the workshop for any one who would like to have their personal work critiqued. A small registration fee and a limit of three pieces of art are required. You do not have to attend the workshop to participate in the Evaluation Session. Contact Christine at to register.

wild sunflowers

WILD SUN FLOWERS is the title of this 10x13 subliminal painting whose technique and process will be one of two processes to be taught on the second session of Exploration Mixed Media. These workshops are held at The Artist's Nook in Fort Collins, Colorado July 2008. You can see another sample photo on the homepage of titled "Napa"
Contact for more workshop information. This process is very easy, very messy, and very spontaneous. You are all invited to attend.

Friday, March 21, 2008

gaming 13

Title: GAMING 13
Size: 8x10
This mixed media piece was part of the process taught at The Artist's Nook's first session workshop. It was also chosen for the Mixed Media Monday challenge. If you wish information on the second session of Exploration Mixed Media workshop, contact

Friday, March 7, 2008

class sample

Size: 8x10
Mixed Media
This is a sample of a process that I will be teaching starting March 14, 2008 at The Artist's Nook in Fort Collins, Colorado. More information on or

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Size: 11x15
Medium: watercolor
Was going through my incubation bin and found this old painting that was used to demonstrate basic watercolor, line meet line drawing techniques, and hard edged portraiture. I am still teaching and using these principle elements, though my painting style has changed.