Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Title: Michael's Mandala
Personal Collection
Mandala: A circular design containing concentric geometric forms, personal images, or symbols. The image of Michael was used in this watercolor demonstration on "How to Create Personal Mandalas" to be used in meditation.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

wear my art

WEAR MY ART is a series of jewelry based on my love of painting. I alter, collage, paint, layer, and embellish pendant like shapes that I use to construct these delicate one of a kind necklaces. Earrings to match upon request. These items are available for purchase by contacting artwithmoxie@cox.net

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Title: Birthright
Size: 8x10 before matting
Altered and layered papers, finished with acrylic drawing.
This item is available for purchase by contacting artwithmoxie@cox.net

Sunday, January 13, 2008

the pleasure of seeing red

Using tiny bits and pieces of transparent papers, text and musical notes, this delightful double sided abstract is encased in glass. One faux red resin bead dangles from the bottom while two more hand crafted beads swing gently as you wear it. Treat yourself to a Valentine present. Not as tasty as chocolate, but with zero calories, you will have the pleasure of seeing red.
This item is available for purchase. Contact: artrwithmoxie@cox.net

Friday, January 11, 2008

the silent song

I just finished several pieces of jewelry that will be for sale on vendor day at Art Unraveled 2008. This piece started with a vintage brooch in the shape of a feather. I added a glass charm with a little black bird that someone sent as part of a charm swap held last year. (wish I could thank that person). The bead dangling at the bottom is from a class that I teach called Faux Resin Beads. This delicate little necklace comes with earrings to match. Just in time for Valentines Day. Contact artwithmoxie@cox.net if you would like to purchase this item. SOLD

Thursday, January 10, 2008

quick sketch

Did a quick sketch in my journal for today's Create Every Day challenge. Please overlook any smudges, see through stuff, and fingerprints. This is all part of the design and does not take away the value of the piece. This is a 10 minute drawing using a black marker. Oh, and some of my brushes really do look like that. For sure they are not Jack Richeson Brushes, his hold up much better...been using them for 30 years, love them, love the company. That's it...have to go work on some jewelry.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

art stamp collage

ART STAMP COLLAGE is the title of today's Create Every Day challenge. I used my own rubberstamp image called "Not Ordinary Art" available for purchase from www.amstamps.com These and other art stamp images may be found in most of my art pieces. Look for them on www.artwithmoxie.com and www.art-with-moxie.blogspot.com

create every day

Create every day is exactly that. I will create a small piece of art daily. It can be a doodle such as the photo, a painting, a collage, an assemblage, or a piece of jewelry. The idea is to be creative daily. This was not my idea..my artist friend Maryanne posted something similar on her blog and of course I had to do this. (as if I don't do art everyday anyhow)
This doodle started as a contour drawing of an entertainment center in my house. The challenge was not to lift the pencil when drawing, to choose five colors that I normally would not put together. and, allow myself twenty minutes to complete the work. I then turned it upside down for a better composition. Join the challenge.. check the links for details.