Saturday, September 17, 2011

titles, how do we find them

Another view of the Bead Soup Reveal Necklace posted on my other blog, click here to see more.
Necklace titled is MIDNIGHT IN SANTA FE.

Because I usually work in series, below is another version of the Bead Soup necklace. This one is titled TEQUILA AND LIME. It will be posted on my ETSY shop.


Many have commented on how they enjoy my titles. I title every piece of art I create and have fun collecting those titles. This is what I do....I always keep a journal with me and read any article from any paper or magazine from the bottom up. Yes, that's right, from the bottom up.
By reading this way I am not distracted by the article itself. I let words and phrases pop into my head and they become fun and interesting titles. I number and write these "titles" in my Title Journal. When I finish creating a piece of artwork, I go down my list of titles and choose the one that fits. I cross off that title so that it is not used again. Today I have 5 journals going and more than 6,000 titles. I started this while traveling to Japan to teach. (how many books can you read on an 18 hour flight) Out of boredom, I started scanning a newspaper column from the bottom up. and noticed words that went together and formed phrases. I highlighted them and later wrote them in a journal. That's how my Title Journals were born. So....if you find highlighted newspapers and magazines in airplanes, doctors offices, launder mats, park benches, bus stops, etc. That was probably me reading from the bottom up.

Many of my students keep a Title Journal and say that it cuts the thinking time when they are ready to title their artwork. It also something to do when you can't sleep.

How do you choose your titles?

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Leila West said...

Man, that's a really good idea. I seriously struggle with titles! Thanks for this, I will be giving it a try.