Sunday, April 24, 2011

earring blog hop

The Musings of Mystic Pesto is having her first blog hop. The theme is Spring, the challenge is earrings. As much as I love earrings, I don't make many because after I make one earring I don't want to have to make another to match, I made a large set of hoop earrings, pink for springtime. I used glass beads, wood beads, and recycled sequins to catch the light.

See what the other participants made by clicking here.

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Karma is a bitch
So is my lawyer.


Mystic Pesto said...

what great textures you used! I know what you mean about making earrings. I can't tell you how many pieces have started as earrings but become pendants because I didn't feel like making one to match! I LOVE these and I'd wear them anywhere!

BooBeads said...

Those are definitely spring-y!

Beautiful earrings!


For My Sweet Daughter said...

Very pretty earrings. My lawyer can be a bitch too and he's a guy ;-) lol love it!

My Life Under the Bus said...

LOL!!! I am laughing because I was originally going to do 2 bird nests - I made one and couldn't get them to match - got disgusted and went another way. I love the dangles!

Marian Hertzog said...

Love the pink! I am with you making two that match. Especially with polymer beads... I am not a fan of measuring or planning when I work. I think your earrings are great!

T... said...

very nice hoops, nice spring colours.

Holly said...

Heee, I hear ya on making things to match! I can't tell you how many times I go into swearing mode when one of my earrings is longer than the other ;) But these are gorgeous earrings - I love the pieces you've used for these! And hoops, well, they're a classic!