Wednesday, January 9, 2008

create every day

Create every day is exactly that. I will create a small piece of art daily. It can be a doodle such as the photo, a painting, a collage, an assemblage, or a piece of jewelry. The idea is to be creative daily. This was not my artist friend Maryanne posted something similar on her blog and of course I had to do this. (as if I don't do art everyday anyhow)
This doodle started as a contour drawing of an entertainment center in my house. The challenge was not to lift the pencil when drawing, to choose five colors that I normally would not put together. and, allow myself twenty minutes to complete the work. I then turned it upside down for a better composition. Join the challenge.. check the links for details.


lindaharre said...

GREAT as always!!!!

chaven said...

Gosh, just love your site, very creative with lots of ideas!