Sunday, February 22, 2009

cigar box shrine auction


Rebecca Brooks of Recuerda me Corazon invites you to visit the online Cigar Box Shrine Auction opening March 1 through March 31. Please visit here to view the wonderful shrines that have been donated by artists thoughout the country. The above shrine is my donation honoring my son Mitch Celaya who passed 11 years ago. Mitch was born on the thirteenth of February, when I finished the shrine, I counted the candles and there were thirteen. The embellishment at the bottom of the shrine is off of a necklace that I was wearing on the day he passed. On January 24, 2009...his daughter Nicole Celaya, my granddaughter, left us and went to join him. I miss you guys very much.


John M. Mora said...

This is sad and beautiful, both the words and obviously the shrine.

Just lovely.

The Artful Eye said...

This is a beautiful shrine in memory of your son. I am saddened to hear of the recent passing of your granddaughter, Nicole. I hope you find comfort soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey I love that style!

elsie said...

what a wonderful way to honor loved ones and support children - thanks so much for sharing this moving post- just discovered your blog on the ETSY forum thread - come visit "me" when you have a chance:

GlorV1 said...

It's a great way to honor our loved ones who are gone from us but never forgotten. Beautiful work from the soul.