Sunday, September 30, 2012

quilted magpies


mixed media collage

My apologies for the long absence. After months of extreme stress, several funerals, family illnesses, computer breakdowns, and especially not seeing Kayla and Skyler, depression caught up with me.  I am taking care of me as best I can, and am now painting and catching up on some art jewelry that you can see on my other site.  The painting you see here is a project sample collage, for the mixed media classes that I teach at Hobby Lobby Avondale.  These paintings are part of the "green" series of paintings where I use junk mail as the base to each collage.  Some of the papers are altered and are left as part of the design, you can see the papers in the belly of the birds. The only thing in the painting that is not considered "waste" is the paint and the brush I used.  Everything else is recycled.

Most of the paintings on this site are available for purchase.
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